Connecting Around Renewal~Vision Board Workshop

20 01 2011

Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful session last night!  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, ideas and insights into your lives around theme of “renewal“.

What have you noticed since you woke up this morning?  Have you placed your vison board somewhere special in your home?  Have you made a plan to complete your vison board?  Share your vision board on-line with us here.

And for those of you who have partipated in several of the vision board workshops, what have you discovered about creating a vision board once a month?

Please enter a comment below, if you wish!  Your thoughts and intentions are valued here.  And, putting them onto the page connects you with many others!

Enjoy the next month and see you on February 16 for the next vision board workshop focusing on Hibernation.

Peace, Susan




3 responses

20 01 2011

Once again another really valuable time out for me- and this time I brought my husband! Thank you Susan for helping me reevaluate and share with others. I have my vision boards all lined up in my room by my bed and it really helps me to stop, and just evaluate how I am using my time, what is important and most importantly what has come into my life since I have been participating. And for those of you that have heard I am sitting at my new desk, in my new office, in my new warehouse, and working with my new assistant!!! Yes – thank YOU Universe!

20 01 2011

YES! That is so very exciting! You put out the intention and the universe is working with you:) Love this comment, Heather! thanks for sharing!

27 01 2011

Click here to see another vision board from Jan 19!

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