vision board from a participant on Jan 19

27 01 2011

The wonderful images of a participant from the Jan 19 vision board session.

What do you see?


Connecting Around Renewal~Vision Board Workshop

20 01 2011

Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful session last night!  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, ideas and insights into your lives around theme of “renewal“.

What have you noticed since you woke up this morning?  Have you placed your vison board somewhere special in your home?  Have you made a plan to complete your vison board?  Share your vision board on-line with us here.

And for those of you who have partipated in several of the vision board workshops, what have you discovered about creating a vision board once a month?

Please enter a comment below, if you wish!  Your thoughts and intentions are valued here.  And, putting them onto the page connects you with many others!

Enjoy the next month and see you on February 16 for the next vision board workshop focusing on Hibernation.

Peace, Susan

Next Vision Board Workshop-January 19

21 12 2010

Vision Board Workshops

 January 19, 7:00-9:00  Renewal

For our face-to-face vision board session, the topic for January will be Renewal.

We will start the session with thoughtful questioning and discussion. 

  • With a change in the light due to the winter solstice, how do you wish to “renew” yourself as we move into the light of the new year?
  •  How will you restore your existence, vigor, and fresheness in the coming days? 

Then, we will all create a vision board!  All supplies will be provided.  Your vision can focus on the “renewal” discussion, or it might go in a completely different direction…where ever the soul leads!

For more information and details click here.

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